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Winter 2020 Core Schedule
Winter 2020 Travel and Tournament Team Schedule
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Flex Make-up Session Schedule (March 2020)
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To register for a winter training session:
1) Log into your WSSL in-league account
2) Choose Events from the top menus
3) Click on Event List
4) Scroll to find the session you are looking for
5) Click the link to register

Winter 2020 Schedule - Core

Winter 2020 Schedule - Travel and Tournament Teams


Dwight School Westside Gym, 18 West 89th Street @ CPW

Dwight Athletic Center Rooftop (DAC), 2116 1st Avenue (@ 109th Street) on the Rooftop

Stephen Gaynor School Fieldhouse, 175 West 89th Street @ Amsterdam Avenue (take elevator to the 6th Floor) (between Columbus & Amsterdam)

Stephen Gaynor School Gym, 148 West 90th Street @ (between Columbus & Amsterdam)

PS 75/Emily Dickinson Gym, 735 West End Avenue (between 95th and 96th Streets)

PS166, 132 W 89th Street (between Columbus & Amsterdam)

Trevor Day School West, 1 West 88th Street @ CPW, stairs to gym are on left before entering school (id is required to enter the building)

Trevor Day School East, 312 East 95th Street (between 2nd and 3rd), 3rd floor gymnasium

CCNY, 160 Convent Avenue ( downstairs gym of Marshak Science Building) 


Each facility that we use has some black out dates relating to school activities and holidays. We have done our best to give each group a contiguous schedule, but there are exceptions. They are noted on the event sign up page and below in the schedule in red. Please make a note of these dates. Some changes may involve substitute locations or they may involve a time change. Players should try to make it but can also attend another session for their age group that week.


Players that must miss a session due to illness or for other reasons may make up those sessions during the March flex make-up sessions (schedule below). To avoid overcrowding, please register for the flex sessions the same way you do for regular winter sessions - by logging into your WSSL in-league account, clicking on Events from the top menus, then the Event List box and scrolling to find the flex session you want. Flex sessions are marked "FLEX MAKE-UP".  This includes make-ups for sessions held on religious holidays and over school holidays. Players are limited to two (2) make-ups during each season.


FLEX MAKE UP SCHEDULE (MARCH 2020) - Sundays @ CCNY or Tues/Thurs/Fri at DAC