Refund Policy

There are NO REFUNDS for travel, development academy or tournament team player fees.

Refunds for Core

Refunds of core player fees (less an administrative fee of $30) only will be given (1) to those players who are waitlisted and whom we are not able to place on a team by the 3rd week of the season, (2) to those players that are injured and notify the Registrar directly ( of the injury before the season begins, accompanied by a doctor's note, and (3) who notify the Registrar directly ( of their desire to withdraw BEFORE the refund deadline. The refund deadline is posted on the home page and is March 1 for the Spring Season and July 15 for the Fall Season. 

No refund requests will be considered after these deadlines. There are no exceptions to this policy and no one can grant you a refund based on special circumstances. Refunds are 100% driven by placement and dates, as noted above. Please check the home page when registration opens for each season for the date of the refund deadline for that season.

How to Request a Refund 

Please e-mail any refund request to the Registrar ( Your request must include your name, the player's name, and the player's date of birth. 

Refunds will be issued by refund or credit to the credit card or debit card used for payment. Refunds will be issued by check (to the original submitter of the registration) only if the cardholder no longer has this card or a refund or credit to a card is not possible for some other reason.