WSSL Certification Courses for Coaches & Assistant Coaches

Prior to every season and often in between seasons, WSSL offers a series of certification courses for parents who wish to become coaches and assistant coaches. This is the beginning of your training, not the end. Participating in and completing the certification process is a requirement in order to coach. All coaches and assistant coaches must take Safe Haven and Concussion Awareness online, and must take the age appropriate level of certification training for the kids they are coaching in person.

  • Safe Haven (1-2 hours)* -- required for all coaches and assistant coaches
  • Concussion Awareness (1-2 hours)* -- required for all coaches and assistant coaches
  • U6 Course (2 hours)* -- required training for all teams in U6
  • U8 Course (2 hours)* -- required training for all teams in U8 and under
  • U10 Course (2 hours)* -- required training for all teams in U9 and U10
  • U12 Course (5 hours)* -- required training for all teams in U11 and U12
  • Intermediate Coaching Course (15 hours)* -- required training for all teams older than U12
  • Advanced Coaching Course (18 hours)
  • National Coaching Course (56+ hours)

Course lengths listed above are required, however WSSL courses may be longer due to consolidated materials and on field demonstrations.

You need to complete all of a course's sessions to be certified (this means the lecture AND the outdoor session - note there are two outdoor sessions for intermediate U14 and older).  

All coaches MUST register online at aysou.org to receive credit for the course.  For instructions on how to register, click HERE.


All lecture sessions held at Unity Center, 213 W 58th Street. 

Outdoor sessions held on Riverside Park fields R101, R103, R107 for various age groups.


6U Coach (for 6U coaches) - Saturday, September 11

Lecture: 8:30 - 9:30 am

Outdoor: 10:30 - 11:30 am, R101

Instructors: Alan Leverenz, Armando Lopez, Joe Fiordaliso


8U Coach (for 7U & 8U coaches) - Saturday, September 11

Lecture: Sat 9:45 - 10:45 am

Outdoor: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm, R101

Instructors: Alan Leverenz, Joe Fiordaliso


10U Coach (for 9U & 10U coaches) - Saturday, September 11

Lecture: Sat 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Outdoor: 1:30 - 3:15 pm, R101

Instructors: Alan Leverenz, Rich Gendron


12U Coach (for 11U & 12U coaches) - Saturday, September 11

Lecture: Sat 12:45 - 2:45 pm

Outdoor: 3:30 - 5:30 pm. R103. (Session will include a mentoring session for 2 coaches running an activity)

Pre-requisite: 12U Coaching Training Pre-Course, on the AYSOU.org website. Open the Online Courses and Coaching Courses folders to find it.

Instructors: Alan Leverenz, Carlos Galvez


Intermediate Coach (for 13U+ coaches) - Friday evening, Sep 10 & Sunday, Sep 12

Lecture: Friday 7 pm

Outdoor: Sunday 9 am - noon, R107

Outdoor: Sunday 1 pm - 4 pm, R107

Pre-requisite: Intermediate Coach Pre-Course, on the AYSOU.org website. Open the Online Courses and Coaching Courses folders to find it.

Instructors: Alan Leverenz



Safe Haven and Concussion Awareness for All Coach Volunteers

To ensure the safety of both children and volunteers, each coach is required to take two short online training sessions called Safe Haven and CDC Concussion Awareness. Safe Haven focuses on safety and appropriate behavior with children as well as first aid and other on-field issues. Safe Haven also gives volunteers the highest degree of protection available under the law. A background check is also required of all coach and assistant coach volunteers.

First, register with AYSO and complete the annual background check.

  • Login to https://inleague.wssl.org and go to “Player and Volunteer Registration“
  • Complete the “User Accounts and Volunteer Registration” for MY2021
  • Once registration is completed and submitted, be on the lookout for an email from “Verified/Sterling Volunteers.” Follow the instructions in this message. It often goes to junk/spam, so be on the lookout there, too.  Your background check and AYSO registration will not be initiated until you complete the steps listed in the email message. 

Register for all in-person and online courses by logging in to eTrainU, our training website:

From any inLeague page, look for the eTrainU Graduation Cap Icon on the top-right. Click on that icon, and then click on the Login to eTrainU button on the next page. There are no separate credentials; you log in to inLeague first and then go to AYSOU from there.

Courses required of all volunteers:

  • AYSO’s Safe Haven – outlines the important elements around protecting our children and volunteers
  • CDC HEADS UP Concussion Training – understanding the signs and required actions for concussions

If you haven't taken the online Safe Haven or Concussion Awareness since 2011, login to eTrainU and complete these online.  You can find them by clicking on the “Training Library” link and browsing the courses in the Safe Haven category.

We ask that every volunteer take the in person Safe Haven and Concussion Awareness courses at least once during their WSSL volunteer career. Coaches and assistant coaches should renew their familiarity with the Safe Haven and Concussion Awareness materials each year.

All Coaches & Assistant Coaches Must Be Registered

All coaches must be registered with AYSO national. This is done by updating your adult profile on your WSSL in-league account. After logging in, click on Player and Volunteer Registration from the top menus. That will take you to your family profile page. Update the adult profile for the volunteer and check the volunteer box for Coach or Assistant Coach.

Backgrounds are checked by Sterling Volunteers, a vendor hired by AYSO national, to ensure the safety of our children. Your information will not be shared with any third party. 

If you are having trouble with your volunteer registration, please contact our Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate at cvpa@wssl.org.

Ongoing Coach Education

We ask that every coach take at least two coach education clinics each season. Coaches who attend four or more each season will be rewarded with a jacket or other awesome coaching related material.

WSSL is committed to providing coaches with "feet on" training sessions with professional coaches. Sessions take place in an indoor gym on weekday evenings. See WSSL's Calendar for details. Clinics for coaches are offered by professional coaches in partnership with The New York Red Bulls.

Advance Your Studies or Become a Coach Instructor! 

Coaches who are gifted and passionate about the job are encouraged to share their gifts with others. WSSL needs more Coach Instructors who are willing to be certified, trained and to train others in pre-season courses or in more informal coaching clinics.

To become a WSSL Coach Instructor:

  • Complete the U8, U10 and U12 Coaching Courses
  • Get recommended by the Regional Coach Trainer and Administrator
  • Pass the Introduction to Instruction Course
  • Pass the Coach Instruction Course