Volunteer Opportunities

WSSL is a 100% volunteer organization and we depend on everyone to do their part! Every family is required to have at least one ACTIVE volunteer -- more are welcome! That may be a team role (like a coach, assistant coach or team manager), a divisional role (like a referee, assistant referee, equipment manager or awards day manager) or a league-wide role (like commissioner, coach trainer, referee instructor, safety director or registrar). Volunteer roles vary from minimal to significant time commitment.

In addition to many obvious roles in WSSL, there are many more opportunities to lend your skills to the league -- either on the field or from behind a desk. If you have not found a role that is right for you, please contact your division head or the commissioner directly.

Become a Coach!

The Coach is the focal point for teaching soccer and team skills with the purpose of playing safe and fun games. Coaches are responsible for their teams, both at games and at practices. Please do not sign up as a ref or coach volunteer if you do not intend to follow through - it clutters our system and prevents us from focusing on those who really want to volunteer in those roles.  The commitment:

  • presence at the season on a weekly basis (game + pre-game practice = 2 hours minimum)
  • additional weekday time planning line ups, game plans and practice plans
  • online training (two online courses of 1 hour each on your own time)
  • 2-3 hours in-person lecture/field session certification course offered the weekend before the start of each season)

More info on becoming a coach or assistant coach can be found on our Coach pages. Our welcome page is a good place to start.

Become a Referee! 

The Referee is the ultimate authority during the game. The Referee’s primary responsibilities are to ensure the safety of the players and to enforce the Laws of Soccer. You do not need prior knowledge of soccer to become a referee! We can teach you everything you need to know.

  • minimum commitment to referee at least three games each season
  • online training (two online courses of 1 hour each on your own time)
  • 4 hours of training to referee U6 through U8
  • additional 4 hours of training to referee older age groups

More info on becoming a referee can be found on our Referee pages. Our welcome page is a good place to start.

Volunteer in Another Role!

Please note some volunteer roles require a background check and a U.S. social security number:

Volunteer Role


Time commitment


Referee Scheduler
Help your division schedule referee game coverage Minimal
(Weekly Emailing)
Referee Recruiter
Help your division recruit and manage new referees Minimal Unlimited

Division Head 


Become a division head (form teams,
create schedules, manage division)



2 (one each)


Divisional Equipment Managers

Oversee equipment and set up/break-down fields each week for your division

(Weekly Sign up)
Fall Central Park
Load-in Crew
Assist with the load-in for the Central park Fields in September and load-out in November. May require heavy lifting. Single Day
(2-3 Hours)
10 -12
In-person Registration
Attend in-person registration to assist families.  Single Day
(2-3 Hours)
Help secure sponsors for WSSL, your team or your division Minimal
Training Coordinator/Asst

Assist with volunteer training
(admin tracking of sign ups and ordering of supplies)

3-5 people

Referee Uniform Distribution Assist with distributing referee uniforms (uptown/downtown; east/west) Minimal 3-5 people

Travel Parent Manager

Become the parent manager for your child's team (Travel Team parents only)

Significant Unlimited