What if my child is on the waitlist? 

Players waitlisted will be cleared up until the second weekend of games. First priority is a player that has a parent as a volunteer coach or referee. Next, the registration date is used. A child is placed on a new team based on available slots and team balancing factors. This is an over constrained problem. As such, no friend requests or other special requests can be honored at this point in the process. Our goal is to get every child playing; but not at the expense of unbalanced, uncompetitive teams. Once the waitlist is cleared and uniforms are handed out, players cannot be moved between teams and drops are subject to a fee before refunding the registration payment.

Keep in mind that your credit card is not charged until your child is taken off the waitlist. So be on the lookout for notifications in case there are issues with your credit card that's in file with inLeague. 

Please remember that we are an all volunteer organization made up of parents with either a strong interest (and sometimes professional experience) in soccer or who want to help in their kids activities. It does not help to get upset with a coach or division head about team placement. If the division head cannot answer your questions, you are welcome to contact the Region’s Registrar or Regional Commissioner. But please realize that they tend to encourage those with strong opinions to take on volunteer roles within the Region.