WSSL Leadership

WSSL Board of Directors
Divisional Leadership
Referee Leadership
Travel and Tournament Program Leadership
Other Key Volunteers
Commissioners Emeritus

WSSL Board of Directors

Vilda Vera Mayuga, Commissioner

Greg Manabat, Assistant Commissioner

Bob Hong, Assistant Commissioner and Travel Program Director

April Darrow, Registrar

Norbert Porlein, Treasurer

Martha Escobar, Assistant Treasurer

Michelle Ryang, Secretary and Financial Aid Director

Julie Jung, Child & Volunteer Protection Advocate

Alan Leverenz, Regional Coach Administrator & Trainer

Carlos Galvez, Asst. Regional Coach Administrator

Stan Ince, Regional Referee Administrator

Michael Titowsky, Regional Director of Referee Instruction and Safety Committee

Tatyana Trakht, Chief Division Head and Division Head Training Program Director

Gary Cohen,  Equipment and Safety Committee

Jim Karpe, VIP Program Director

Richard Safran, Technology Director

Gabe Boyar, Girls Development Program Director

Kerry Dziubek, Safety Committee Chair

Tom Bretz, Uniforms and Division Oversight

CP de Vera, Program Development 

Divisional Leadership

Division Heads

Chief Referees

Referee Leadership

Stan Ince, Regional Referee Administrator

John Drayton, Director of the Youth Referee Program

Doug Geary, Director of Referee Assessment

Michael Titowsky, Regional Director of Referee Instruction

Clive Priddle, Asst. Regional Referee Administrator

Paul Samarel, Asst. Regional Referee Administrator 

Travel and Tournament Program Leadership

Bob Hong, Travel Program Director

John Yarwood, Assistant Travel Program Director

Pedro Rafael, Co-Head High School Travel

Katie Miller, Co-Head High School Travel & High School Travel Registrar

Mike Goldberg, Tournament Program Director

Michelle Ryang, Financial Aid Director

Gary Cohen,  Equipment

Chantal Chanel-Vos, Attendance Registrar

David Murphy, Chief Scheduler & Problem Solver

Jennifer Gaylord, Uniform Manager

Clive Priddle, Chief Ref

Mary LaRuffa, WSSL Blog

Other Key Volunteers

Maria Campoverde, In-person Registration

Tom Bretz, Uniform Manager

TBD, Equipment Director

Commissioners Emeritus

Meredith Berkowitz

Dana DiPrima
Eddy Collyns
Marc Freedman
Neville Coleman