Travel Teams

WSSL and the New York Red Bulls have partnered to provide a competitive Travel and Tournament Program for soccer players U8 through U19 (high school). Our goal is to develop a child's soccer skills so that he or she will be able to play the game well and have fun in the process. We start by focusing on individual soccer technique and skills, then as the child gets older we expand to field awareness, strategy and tactics. We consider winning to be a byproduct of a successful development program, not the end goal in and of itself.

The Travel Program is geared for stronger players who are interested in improving their skills through competitive play against teams from other clubs. We generally field Travel teams and Tournament teams in each age group starting in U8 through U19, boys and girls. In some age groups, we field higher level Premier teams. The tryout process is the same for Premier and non-premier Travel teams and for Tournament teams. Whether we have a Premier team in a particular age group depends on the team's readiness and commitment to play at the higher level.

Most of our Travel teams play in the Westchester Youth Soccer League, with games in lower Westchester county. Our Premier and some of our high school teams play with NY Club.

The Commitment

Travel is a year-long commitment. Tryouts are held in the Spring for teams in Fall and Spring of the following year. Generally, the Fall season runs from Labor Day - Thanksgiving and the Spring season from April - June.  

Travel players are expected to attend ALL practices and games.  WYSL Travel teams practice twice per week during the week after school. Premier teams practice three times per week, twice during the week after school and once on the weekends on the opposite of their game day.  WYSL Travel teams play games on Sundays, while NY Club teams may have games on either Saturday or Sunday.

We give parents our practice schedules at the time of tryouts. Please do not accept a place on one of our Travel teams if your child is unable to commit to the practice schedule for that team.

Game schedules are set by WYSL or NY Club, depending on the team, and we make those available to parents as soon as they are available to us.

Travel game schedule
Travel practice schedule


Our Travel teams are coached by professional Red Bulls trainers who are themselves educated in the Red Bulls Program and who have backgrounds in playing and coaching soccer. In addition, trained parent coaches work with the Red Bulls trainers on each team. All Red Bulls trainers and parent coaches have certifications in education programs by the National Soccer Coaches Association of America and the U.S. Soccer Federation.  Training sessions follow a detailed plan and curriculum designed to improve individual and team skills. For more information about the curriculum and trainers, see RED BULLS CURRICULUM in the Program submenus.

Teams Seeded at Their "Right" Level

WSSL Red Bulls Travel Teams play in the Westchester Youth Soccer League (WYSL) against teams from New York City and various towns in Westchester County. WYSL has several divisions per age group. It is the goal of WSSL to ensure that each team is seeded in a division where they face competition against whom they are evenly matched. WSSL believes that competition is an extension of training and learning the game of soccer. It is fun and it is also a learning tool. The best matches are the ones where the kids are playing their hardest and are having opportunities to attack and defend during the same match. While beating an opponent by a margin of several can be very exciting, we prefer matches where a 1-0 win was the result of a great battle of skill on the field. 

Our Premier and some of our high school teams play with NY Club. Whether we have a premier team in a particular age group depends on a particular team's readiness and commitment to play at the higher level.

High School Program

The WSSL High School Travel Program is both a continuation of the travel program and also the chance to compete at a higher level, with mixed age teams and a year-long commitment. We do anticipate that many of our soccer players will join their high school scholastic soccer teams as well, and we support that decision by implementing a flexible practice attendance policy during the fall. However, consistent with the WSSL Travel Team commitment policy in general, we epect our high school players to commit for the fall, winter and spring seasons.

We expect a high level of commitment, maturity, and focus from our high school players. In return, you will receive excellent training and an opportunity to play at a high level and grow as a player. Technique and tactics are the central focus, and we ask that players take ownership over their development by self-assessing and communicating directly with trainers.

The high school travel division is co-led by Pedro Rafael and Katie Miller, both long-time coaches and parents of WSSL soccer.

Fees/Refund Policy

The fees for WSSL Travel Teams in 2024-25 are:

Standard Travel - $2150 per year - includes mandatory fall and spring training; winter training optional and not included (additional fees apply)
Premier Travel - $2750 per year - includes mandatory fall, winter and spring training; league fees; and NY League Cup fees
Girls HS Travel - $2750 per year - includes mandatory fall, winter and spring training (and buses); league fees; and NY League Cup fees

Boys HS Travel - $3000 per year - includes mandatory fall, winter and spring training (and buses); league fees; and NY League Cup fees

Fees for uniforms (approx. $135) are additional for all Travel teams. 

Fees for one tournament in the fall (Indigenous People's/Columbus Day weekend) and one in the spring (Memorial Day weekend) are included for all Travel teams. 

Fees for optional winter training are expected to be approx. $425 per player. Gym contracts will be finalized and final costs for winter training will be emailed in the fall.

Financial aid is available. Please visit the Financial Aid page for more information.

Travel program fees are NOT refundable even if your child later changes their mind and does not play.

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