Frederick Douglass Playground Field



101st Street and Amsterdam Avenue.  This is a turf field and it is located in the playground inside the chain link fence. This field is used for ages U11 and U12 as a single field running north/south to play 9 v 9 or for ages U9 and U10 as two side-by-side fields each running east/west to play 7 v 7. 


Two sets of 6x12 movable goals with nets. There is very little practice space on this field. Teams should warm up in the adjacent playground and use small area drills for practice. For ideas on small area drills, see the Red Bulls Library. 

If there are any equipment or safety concerns please contact the WSSL Equipment Director or Safety Director as needed.

Don't forget the trash! 

Every team is responsible for cleaning up after their game. Beverage containers, snack wrappings and boxes, etc. should be placed in nearby trash receptacles. Don't forget your sweatshirts, etc. Following the final game, the closing teams should do a quick sweep of the field and make sure the trash has been disposed of properly.