Using The Referee Scheduler

How to Self Schedule

It is crucial to the success of our Referee program that Referees use this system to self-schedule games. Without this system the Referee Schedulers" job becomes very difficult. Help them avoid making last minute phone calls to schedule referees for the fast approaching weekend games. It's also important that we know how many matches you have officiated in which divisions. 

Step 1:
Log in to using your own user name and password. This applies to youth volunteers as well. 
Step 2:
Select "Referees" in the top navigation menu.
Step 3:
Select "Referee Schedule Signup". If you cannot see the schedule, the most likely causes are:
a) You have not registered as a WSSL volunteer for the current season (12 months from August to July) - go to Players / Player & Volunteer Registration; or,
b) You have not attended and received credit for a referee class at the required level; or,
c) You have not completed the AYSO Safe Have online course - go to eTrainU; or,
d) You have not completed the CDC Concussion Awareness online course - go to eTrainU.
If you have checked these things and are still stuck, please reach out to the Regional Referee Administrator.
Step 4:
Select a date and a division for the game that you would like to officiate. You may choose to select a default division which will limit your view of available games to that division. You may always choose to officiate games in another division if you would like.
Step 5:
Select the game that you want to officiate and the position you want to take. For matches in U-6, U-7, and U-8, this will either be Referee (Match1) or Referee (Match 2) since each game in these divisions is split into 2 matches. For U-9 and older, select either Referee, Assistant Referee 1, or Assistant Referee 2.
Step 6:
Update your self-scheduled selection. You should see your name next to the selection you toggled. 
Step 7:
You should see that your request is pending (next to your name). Your Chief Referee or Referee Scheduler will approve your selection. You can assume that your request is approved unless you hear from them.
Step 8:
You can check the status of your assignment on the Assignments/Status page of the website.

To cancel or change an assignment

The Scheduler will not allow you to remove yourself from an approved assignment. If you need to cancel or change an assignment, please contact the Chief Referee or Scheduler for that division. They will make the change for you. This ensures that the schedulers are aware of changes and unfilled slots.

Thank you for using the Self-Scheduler!!